Bensonhurst is a beautiful, safe, convenient active, integrated community that has been the home of Jewish–Americans, Italian-Americans, and others for over a century. Bensonhurst currently hosts Russians, Asians, Greeks, Arabs, Poles, Israelis and other immigrant groups who have been moving here in large numbers since 1980’s.

According to the 2000 Population Survey, Community Board #11 (which defines the borders of Bensonhurst) is comprised of 172,129 persons. 64.9 are white, non-Hispanic, 23% are Asian and Pacific Islander Non-Hispanic, and 8.8% are Hispanic, with 2.8% two or more races Non-Hispanic and .4% Black Non-Hispanic. The community has 33.5% of households with one or more persons 65 years and over.

The community today is full of a wonderful ethnic diversity, culture, and pride. During the day, 86th Street is a busy center of shopping and the historical elevated subway tracks are being renovated. There are over 19 parochial schools and 19 public schools in the neighborhood. There are also a large number of synagogues and churches.

Bensonhurst is a neighborhood of two-family homes and semi-attached brick and stucco houses and low-rise elevator buildings and walk–ups, mostly dating from the 1920s. The Jewish Community House on 79th Street and Bay Parkway has served as a cultural and social center for over three generations.

The neighborhood has three public libraries and several parks including Bensonhurst Park where you can attend free outdoor concerts all summer.

1. To combine and coordinate the efforts of all parts of the Jewish Community, including all the religious, educational, social welfare institutions and Jewish communal organizations within the locality.

2. To improve the cultural, educational, social communal and religious welfare of the Jewish people within the community.
a. By helping individuals, and families in need – the old and young, the unemployed, the homeless, the sick and the poor – and to resettle those who are persecuted or oppressed.
b. By working to ensure the continuity of the Jewish people and to build a strong and vibrant Jewish community in Bensonhurst.

Shuttle Bus Service – Bensonhurst/ Boro Park
Hanokov Private Bus Transportation
Bus Runs on Bay Parkway. Stops at Bay Parkway and 86th Street:
Schedule: 20 minutes before the hour and 20 minutes after the hour

Public Transportation
Everyone over the age of 65 and those with disabilities may ride all NYC Transit Authority subways and buses, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, at a reduced fare. Proof of age identification is needed for the reduced fare MetroCard. Acceptable identification includes: Medicare Card, NYC Department for the Aging Temporary Reduced Fare Card Access-A-Ride identification card, Call us at (718) 333-1834 or (718) 243-4999 for information on obtaining a reduced fare MetroCard.

Access- A- Ride
Access-A-Ride is available for people who are unable to use the bus and subway systems because of a physical disability. An application must be completed and can be obtained by calling (877) 337-2017. The staff at Bensonhurst COJO is available for assistance with completing the application.