• As a local community based organization we are the grassroots first contact for all those in need in the community

  • With over 9000 client contacts, our office ensures that clients receive a full range of help with benefits, entitlements, housing related issues and a range of other social service matters

  • Outreach and Education on Project Liberty on the availability of free, confidential counseling on matters relating to the tragic events of 9-11

  • Our Food Pantry Program provides over 400 packages to the hungry each month

  • Food vouchers (funds to be used at a specific supermarket) are given to an additional 150-200 people who pay more than half their income to housing

  • At Passover and Rosh Hashanah time we provide special holiday packages for 800 people

  • Our crisis intervention unit works with victims of domestic violence and
    families in crisis

  • We provide clothing to those who need this assistance

  • Furniture for clients whose homes need that basic requirement addressed

  • As a member of the Southern Brooklyn Health Coalition we work to identify
    and address health related issues of concern to our community

  • Our office contains a department for the BRIA, NYSRRAP, and WTC employment assistance programs for recent immigrants

  • As a member of Borough President Marty Markowitz’s Housing Committee we have been involved in efforts to obtain affordable housing for the Borough

  • Coordinate the Passover Sedars for the community

  • Quarterly Newsletter advises community on matters of importance and interest

  • Inform community when and where communal events such as Rosh Hashanah Tashlich, and Simchas Torah events will take place